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Our Ambassadors

We are honoured to introduce our Chutney & Chat Ambassadors, successful individuals who go ‘above and beyond’ to promote good business and Chutney & Chat.

Amer Awan

Awan International Nazir Awan International Foundation

Raised in the City of Birmingham Amer took on the family business after completing his studies.  Being involved in the day to day running of the business Amer saw opportunities for growth and began dialogue with blue chips such as Amazon, Robert Dyas and Tesco which later translated into fruitful business relationships.  Today ‘Awan International’ is a leading name in high end and branded consumer electronics wholesale.

He has a strong passion for the local community and has been involved in various initiatives and organisations trying to make the community a better place. In particular his work with the less privileged and the youth has been exemplary, going above and beyond to provide support and guidance for those that need it the most.

In 2021 he launched the ‘Nazir Awan Foundation’.  This was set up in his father’s name who was tragically lost to Covid in April 2020.  The charity is supporting various causes and is working both nationally and internationally helping underprivileged communities.

We are honoured to have AMER as an ambassador of ChutneyandChat

Zoe Bennet

Zoe Bennet

"Motivational Queen"

A dedicated personal development &mindset trainer running her business ‘Training Personified’ providing Personal Development workshops and one to one mentoring sessions as well as providing team building to Corporate Organisations.

Drawing from personal experiences Zoe had to overcome many challenges in her life inspiring her to succeed and develop a passion for not allowing others to go through what she had gone through.

A fully accomplished entrepreneur and a serial networker Zoe is also a best-selling author of ‘Networking Personified’ a book that articulates her passion for business networking.

We are honoured to have Zoe as an ambassador of chutneyandchat. 

You get the best out of your employees when you treat them fairly and provide them with the on going training tools to carry out the task at hand. A happy, informed and satisfied workforce is a more productive workforce.

Nazir Awan

Nazir Awan


View our tribute to a truly Great man here.

Nazir Awan was a driving force behind the success of Chutney & Chat. A West Midlands based businessman who came to the UK in the 1960’s. As well as helping establish the family business he was a beacon of support for businesses in the 80’s and 90’s and was instrumental in setting up the foundations of the Asian Chamber of Commerce (ABCC) part of the greater Birmingham Chamber of Commerce. His life was spent supporting businesses and community and when Chutneyandchat was founded in 2015 he again was instrumental in its forming and continued growth. Sadly he became victim to Covid19 and departed in April 2020

Sorley missed today, Nazir Awan (Late) will always be remembered for his wisdom, guidance, support and encouragement.

We honour his legacy by making him an Ambassador